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Toilet Training from Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting

Toilet Training

Intensive Treatment for Teaching Children to Independently use the Toilet

Who Are We?

At Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting we work with children who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, or other Developmental Disabilities and their family and community to develop independence with using the toilet. With proper education, therapy and support from me and their caregivers, children can develop functional bathroom routines which will help them become more independent and start initiating when they need to use the toilet. We specialize in working with families with children ages 18 months to 19 years who know that teaching their child to use the toilet independently will drastically improve their quality of life.

Toilet Training in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

We Can Help

Our area of specialty includes:

  • Teach your child to eliminate in the toilet

  • Remove dependency on pull-ups and diapers

  • Teach your child to identify when they need to use the toilet with adult help

  • Overcome fears of sitting and eliminating on the toilet

  • Teach your child the self-care steps associated with toilet training such as removal of pants/underwear, wiping, putting underwear/pants on, hand washing

  • Remove the dependency on pull-ups/diapers in the evening

  • Preserve your child’s dignity while building this life-changing skill

Indiviualized Programs

Intensive Model

Caregiver Training

Monitoring Sessions

Why a Behavioural Approach for Toilet Training?

As Behaviour Analysts, we view eliminating in the toilet as a skill set. Often, the clients that we work with have either had a negative experience with using the toilet, refuse to interrupt their current bathroom routines, or never learnt the skills they need to successfully eliminate on the toilet independently. We address all these issues in a systematic manner in which we set criteria to ensure each step is mastered before moving on to the next phase of toilet training.

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