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The Beehive Respite Care

Be Kind. Be You. Belong.

Our Mission

At The Beehive, we take pride in providing a safe, reliable, inclusive space for children, 13 years and under, with a variety of needs and abilities to have the opportunity to play, engage with peers, and try new activities. Scheduled appointments on weekends and evenings, allows caregivers to have the opportunity to plan and take time for themselves. Let us take care of your children so you can take care of you.

**Respite is not a behavioural and/or evidence-based service. Therefore, The Beehive Respite Care, is not covered by BACB certification.

Respite Intake Process



Families who are interested in our respite service will email to learn more about about our services. 


Meet & Explore

Attend an open house or schedule an initial meeting at our space.

This allows our passionate professionals to meet your family and allow your child explore our space. 


Schedule & Play!

A personalized booking link will allow you to sign up for respite as needed. If your child isn't having fun, we are not doing it right!

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