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Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting Individualized ABA Consultations

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Promoting the Science and Practice of Behaviour Analysis in Saskatchewan Through Meaningful Consultation

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Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting provides Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services for children ages
2-19 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities.  ABA therapy allows our clinicians to develop individualized programs to make meaningful changes in your child’s life. These changes can be achieved through ongoing supervision, continuing education, and the consistent implementation of evidence-based strategies that have been empirically validated.

ABA consultations in Saskatoon SK

What to Expect

Our goal is to assess, implement, evaluate and modify our programming to ensure we can keep your child successful yet challenge them to unlock their potential. We aim to develop skills that have lasting progress and are socially valid with your family’s life.

Targeted treatments in addition to ongoing home-based therapies allow us to target skills in your child’s natural environment and train all relevant caregivers to help generalize and maintain skills outside of sessions. Parent/caregiver involvement is very important with our model, but we are grateful to be welcomed in your home and proud to work alongside with your family to celebrate all the victories we encounter.  

What people say about us

We contacted Brianna when we realized we needed support with my son's behavior, sensory processing, and self-esteem. Saskatchewan Behavior Consulting was helpful when we had challenges with our son following his routine...SBC was very helpful with his speech delay, they helped him with the movement of his tongue to improve his pronunciation, he even started reading books for the first time. 

Now he feels motivated, because thanks to Brianna and her team, they made my son feel that he can do everything, with great dedication. One of the things that we liked the most was the home therapy, because my son felt safe with new people and new rules in his environment; he understood that they all spoke the same way. 

They work so professionally, as they generate enough and healthy connection for children to want to work and miss their therapies. There is a great motivation. We highly recommend the work and the therapies they provide, as every challenge that comes along is overcome.

- Family A, Saskatoon

Learn How We Can Help

Our team is here to provide support to your child and family’s needs. In addition to home-based support, we have also worked with our clients with other professionals in daycares, schools, and recreational sports/camps. We can also present and provide learning opportunities to small and large groups.

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