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Feeding Intervention from Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting

Feeding Intervention

Intensive Treatment for Eating
& Meal Related Challenges

Who Are We?

At Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting, we work with children who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, or other Developmental Disabilities and their family and community to resolve feeding challenges. With individualized strategies, treatment, and support from our team and their caregivers children can develop functional eating habits with a food variety and independence at meal time. We specialize in working with families with children ages 18 months to 19 years who know that improving mealtimes will drastically improve their quality of life.

Feeding Intervention in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

We Can Help With

Food Selectivity including the type of food, the color of food, a brand of food, the texture of food, and the appearance of food.

Also we help with other problems such as, checking skills deficits, excessive fluid intake, adipsia, refusal to site at the table, food refusal, slow eating, and ARFID.

What Families Say

We contacted Brianna when we realized we needed support with our six-year old child with ASD. We were having challenges to get our child to eat new foods and have a routine meal schedule. Before working with Brianna, we struggled with our child eating very limited types of food on an irregular basis. Our child only ate porridge and two types of snacks (chips and cereals) and only drank water.  We were unable to introduce new foods to her or have our child eat on a regular schedule and were worried about not having enough nutrition.  For us, home-based therapy was very helpful. Our child now eats with us as a family, meals are more schedule and eats a variety of food (rice, noodle, all types of meal, fruits, juices, and vegetables). We are able to introduce new types of food on a regular basis. Brianna taught us how to be persistent and consistent. It takes a lot of effort to have some small wins when the process starts but it gets a lot better. We would recommend this service to other families who are also struggling.

- Family M, Saskatoon

Indiviualized Programs

Intensive Model

Caregiver Training

Monitoring Sessions

Let's talk about your child's needs

Mealtimes should not be a struggle or something your dread. We want to help ease the stress related with eating and help you regain the structure and control associated with meals. If your child has a limited diet, challenges with accepting new foods, dropped a food group or is not eating a variety of foods (4 or more foods) across all of the food groups, never seems hungry or constantly grazes throughout the day, this program is for you. Mealtime behaviours often do not “fix” themselves over time, we are here to help. 

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