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Home-Based ABA therapy in Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Centre-Based ABA Therapy

Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting Takes Pride in Individualized Programming

Why Choose Centre-Based Therapy?

Most children benefit when learning in a novel environment where he or she has no learning history. Implementing direct therapy at our centre also allows convenience and naturalized opportunities for social interactions to occur. Establishing a form of communication, teaching play/leisure skills, teaching self-care skills, teaching tolerance skills, reducing challenging behaviour, as well as teaching skills to meet developmental milestones are a few of the areas that can be targeted.

ABA therapy for children with Autism Saskatoon

We Can Help With

  • Feeding

  • Sleeping

  • Toileting

  • Communication (expressive and receptive)

  • Understanding language

  • Play skills

  • Procedure Prep (mask, haircut, cutting nails, dentist, etc.)

  • Addressing stereotyped behaviours (hand flapping, eye edging, body rocking, etc.)

  • Gross motor skills

  • Fine motor skills

  • Expanding interests

  • Parent/caregiver training

  • Pre-academic skills

  • Addressing problem behaviour 

  • Consultation to provide training for schools and daycares

What Families Say

We contacted Brianna when we realized we needed support with my son's behaviour, sensory processing, and self-esteem. Saskatchewan Behaviour Consulting was helpful when we had challenges with our son following his routine...SBC was very helpful with his speech delay, they helped him with the movement of his tongue to improve his pronunciation, he even started reading books for the first time. 

Now he feels motivated, because thanks to Brianna and her team, they made my son feel that he can do everything, with great dedication. One of the things that we liked the most was the home therapy, because my son felt safe with new people and new rules in his environment; he understood that they all spoke the same way. 

They work so professionally, as they generate enough and healthy connection for children to want to work and look forward to their therapies. There is a great motivation. We highly recommend the work and the therapies they provide, as every challenge that comes along is overcome.

- Family A, Saskatoon

Indiviualized Programs

Ongoing Services

Caregiver Training

Monitoring Sessions

Let's talk about your child's needs

Practice, practice, practice!! The more opportunities to practice new skills, the more opportunities we can reinforce those progressions and make meaningful changes.  Our team can build those foundational skills and celebrate all the victories with you. 

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